Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oliver Peck tattoos

 Oliver Peck tattoos, also lovingly known as “Ducky”, “Fuck Face” or “Oliver Pecker”, began tattooing when he was around 19 years old in Dallas, Texas. His tattooing has stretched all over America, where he travels around every year on the Vans Warped Tour, tattooing any bare piece of skin he can get his hands on. Oliver loves tattooing, and has made it a part of everything that he does; even producing artwork and shoes for the Vans Company he travels with each year.

I love tattooing at my own shops. I have been working with the folks in both shops for years and we have solid crews. The clientele is great, and the atmosphere is like an old-fashioned tattoo shop. If you were to look into the window, you’d know immediately what’s going on inside

So I watched the shows and I was pretty happy with the outcome, of course they made it as dramatic as they could and made certain characters play against each other, but overall I thought it was funny and entertaining. Most of the feedback I have gotten from the general public has been positive and the show did great in the ratings hence we are doing a second season…

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